Adapter Services

The Vocera Platform Web Console provides the ability to manage and monitor the service status of adapters installed on the Vocera Platform.

Adapters can send information to and receive information from the Vocera Platform, as well as monitor and collect data. On the Adapter Services page, you can verify that an adapter is installed on the Vocera Platform, check the current version of an adapter, verify an adapter's service status, and start or stop an adapter service.

In order to be utilized by Vocera Platform, an adapter component is first installed and configured, including selecting the Enabled setting, and finally the adapter's service is started. The service must be running for the Vocera Platform to implement the functionality designed in the adapter. See Vocera Adapters for details about installing and configuring a specific adapter.

For information about accessing and working with the adapters installed on your system, see Adapters.

To monitor an adapter's service, navigate to Status > Adapter Services in the Vocera Platform Web Console.