Viewing Adapter Configuration Details

Select a name in Adapters to display the adapter's configuration details.

Note: For configuration details, navigate to the indvidual adapter guides listed under Vocera Adapters in the Vocera Documentation Portal.
  1. Navigate to Adapters in the Settings section of the Vocera Platform Web Console.
    The Adapters page displays.
  2. Select an adapter name in Adapters.
    The adapter's configuration settings display.
  3. View the configuration details for the selected adapter.
  4. Use the information in the following table to understand the adapter details provided.
    Note: This section describes the configuration elements that are required for all adapters. See an adapter guide to view the configuration specific to that adapter.
    Field Description
    Name This is the name of the adapter instance created on the Vocera Platform. Unique and descriptive names should be created when multiple adapter instances are needed. See the Reference Name description for the adapter to install.
    Component Name This is the name of the installed Vocera component.
    Enabled This indicates whether the adapter instance is enabled and available on the Vocera Platform. An adapter instance can be created, but it will not be available to Vocera Platform until Enabled is checked in the adapter's configuration settings.
  5. Choose one of the following menu options as needed.
    • Select Edit to revise the configuration of the selected adapter.
    • Select Remove to delete the selected adapter from the Vocera Platform.