Uploading a Bundle

Uploading an adapter bundle through the Vocera Platform Web Console is required only in specific circumstances. Vocera recommends calling Customer Support if you need to upload a bundle.

Use the Upload Bundle feature to install an adapter when it is not available in the Component Name dropdown list, and you have downloaded the needed adapter bundle to a storage location.

See the recommended best practice for uploading an adapter component in the Installation content found in each adapter guide in Vocera Adapters.

  1. Click Upload Bundle in the Create a New Adapter page to add an adapter component to Vocera Platform. See Creating a New Adapter for access to the upload option.
    The Upload a Bundle page displays.
  2. Browse to the location where the adapter component bundle is stored.
    Choose one of the following:
    • Cancel—Return to the Create an Adapter page without uploading an adapter bundle.
    • Upload—Upload the selected bundle to Vocera Platform.
  3. Click Upload in the Upload a Bundle page to add the adapter component to the Vocera Platform.
    The Create a New Adapter page displays with a success message; on this page you can complete the configuration for the uploaded adapter component. An error message displays if the upload is unsuccessful.
  4. Configure the newly installed adapter component. See Vocera Adapters for the specific adapter guides. When complete, select one of the following options to exit.
    • Select Upload Bundle to implement another adapter component.
    • Use the Vocera menu to navigate away from the Create a New Adapter page.