Accessing Roles

View and access the roles defined for your system.

Before you begin, understand how roles, users, groups, and policies are associated. See the Understanding Groups, Roles, and Policies.

The Roles page in the Vocera Platform Web Console allows you to add, edit, or delete a role.

  1. Navigate to Roles in the Security section of the navigation bar.
    The Roles page displays a list of roles that are available on the Vocera system. The list is presented in alphabetical order, and displays a description for the role.

    The following screenshot is an example of some roles that you can create in your system. The Administrator role and the Default roles are created by the system at the time of installation.

  2. Click on a role in the list to view or edit its detail.
    You can also select the New Role button to create an additional role, modify an existing role, or delete roles from the Web Console
    Note: You cannot delete the Administrator and Default roles created at the time of Vocera system installation.
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