Viewing Patient Waveform Data

If patient waveform data is available in your environment, you can view waveform data for any patient assigned to you or any patient in a group chat.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Follow the steps described in Viewing Patients to view a list of the patients that have been assigned to you, and then tap a patient name to display detailed information for that patient.

    • In your group chat, tap Info.

      The group chat now displays the patient details.

  2. If waveform data is available for this patient, a Waveform icon appears on this page. Tap this icon to open the AirStrip One app on your device. This app displays the live waveform that reflects the current state of the patient.

    Note: You must have installed the AirStrip One app on your device, and your administrator must have configured it to work with your server.