Viewing Patients

You can view a list of all patients that have been assigned to you.

  1. Select the Profile icon at the top of the Home screen.
  2. In the Menu screen that appears, select My Patients.

    A list of the patients assigned to you is displayed. Each patient entry in the list contains the patient's name, facility, room, unit, and bed number:

    Each patient entry also contains some detailed information for the patient. To view more detailed information for the patient, tap the entry.

    For any patient in the list, if there are any conversations that contain unread messages, a count of these conversations is displayed to the right of the patient name.

The Home screen may be configured to include a My Patients tab. If this tab is available, you can tap it to display the list of the patients that have been assigned to you.

See Customizing the Display Tabs for information on how to customize your tabs if this option is available to you.