Editing the System Settings

Use the system settings to customize Vocera Vina.

To display the system settings screen, select the Menu icon at the top of the Home screen.

In the Menu screen, select Settings.

The following table lists the options and settings for this device:

Option Description


Your name.


Your job title.


Your email address.


The name of the facility and unit to which you belong. See Specifying the Facility and Unit for details on how to change these.

Set Pin

Tap here to set a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for your application. You can use this to log in instead of your password. See Enabling Secure Access for more details.

Touch ID

Enable Touch ID on your device. This option is available only if your administrator has authorized it.

Large Font

Select this option to display text in a larger size.

Left Tab

Select what is to be displayed on the left tab of the Home screen.

Right Tab

Select what is to be displayed on the right tab of the Home screen.