Specifying the Server

You can specify the domain name or the IP address of the server that your Vocera Vina client will access.

  1. Start your Vocera Vina application. The Login screen appears.
  2. Tap Advanced to display the Advanced dialog box.
  3. Do one of the following:
    1. If your administrator has set up a default server for you, its domain name or IP address is displayed. Tap Accept to use this server.
    2. Tap Auto Discover to ask the Vocera Vina app to search for a server that it can use. If it finds one, and this is the server that you want to use, tap Accept.
    3. If no default server appears, or you do not want to use the server that Vocera Vina has found for you, type the domain name or IP address of the server in the field provided, and tap Accept.

The Vocera Vina app will verify that the server that you have specified is valid. After this validity check is successfully completed, you can log into Vocera Vina. See Logging In for more details.

Note: When the Vocera Vina app finds a server, it is saved in the client settings, and it is used the next time you log in.