The Home Screen Layout

When you log into Vocera Vina, you see the Home screen, which lists all of the notifications sent to you and all of the conversations that you have participated in.

From the Home screen, you can:

Here is the layout of the Home screen:

Tap here to display the application menu. From this menu, you can view your availability status, view your profile picture, manage your favorites, change your settings, view help, or log out.

Your name, as specified in the server. If your administrator has included a personal title for you (such as MD or RN), this title is displayed after your name.

Tap this icon to filter the conversations on this screen. See Filtering Conversations for more details.

If this icon is not visible, swipe down on your screen to display it.

In Vocera Vina, conversations and alerts are organized into tabs.

These tabs can be one of the following:

  • Non-Patient: Conversations that do not include patient information.
  • Home: All conversations. By default, this is the middle tab.
  • My Patients: Links to all patients that have been assigned to you.
  • Patient Linked: Conversations that include patient information.
  • Archive: Archived conversations.

Your site administrator may also have defined customized tabs for you.

In the Home screen, conversations are organized in a specific order. See Conversation Priority for more information on how conversations are organized.

Tap a tab name to display its contents, or swipe left or right to switch from one tab to another.

You can specify what tabs are to be displayed on the screen. See Customizing the Display Tabs for details.

Type in the search field to search for a specific recipient with which you are having a conversation.

If the search field is not visible, swipe down on your screen to display it.

Tap a conversation to view or edit it. See About Conversations for more information on conversations.

In each conversation, the time of the latest activity in this conversation is displayed at the top right.

You can press and hold a conversation to display checkboxes that enable you to select multiple conversations. See Selecting Multiple Conversations for more details.

Tap the presence and availability icon to indicate whether you are available or unavailable. See Setting Presence and Availability for more details.

Tap this icon to display the Vocera Genie. See Calling with the Genie for more information on the Genie.

Tap the Call icon to place a call. See Placing a Call for more details.

Tap the Chat icon to start a new conversation. See Starting a Conversation for more details.