Leaving a Message

If you place a call and the person you are calling is unavailable, you can leave a message.

  1. When the Genie informs you that the person that you are calling is unavailable and asks you whether you want to leave a message, tap Yes.
    Note: You might first be asked whether you want to leave a page for this person, if this capability has been set up.

    If you tap No, your call is ended without leaving a message.

  2. The Genie then prompts you to leave a message. When you hear the tone, speak your message. Tap Done when you are finished.

  3. The Genie then asks you whether you want to send the message. Tap Yes to send the message to the person that you are trying to call, or tap No to cancel.

When you send the voicemail message, it appears on the receiver's screen in the conversation that the receiver is having with you.

If you have called a group, the voicemail message appears in the multi-user conversation for this group. Any user in the group can play this voicemail message.

Note: You can use the Genie to call yourself and leave a voicemail message. You can also use the Genie to create a voicemail reminder for yourself - see Creating a Reminder for more details.