Starting a Chat With a Group or Department

You can start a group chat with all members of a group or department to which you belong.

  1. In the Home screen, tap the Chat icon at the bottom of the screen.

    The Start A Chat screen appears.

  2. Tap the name of the group or department, or use the Search box to search for the group or department name and then tap it. A list of members appears. If you are a member, the text "includes me" appears.

  3. Tap the ... icon next to the group or department name.

  4. Tap the Group icon that appears. If you are viewing a department, your screen looks like this:

    Note: If you are viewing a group, your screen looks like this:

    Note: Groups have a G in their icon:

    Departments have a D in their icon:

Vina creates a chat room in which all of the members of the group or department are invited to be participants.