Calling a Group

If you are in a group chat, and the group has voice capability, you can place a call to the entire group.

  1. In the Home screen, tap the Chat icon at the bottom of the screen.

    The Start A Chat screen appears.

  2. Tap the name of the group, or use the Search box to search for the group name and then tap it. A list of the group members appears. If you are a member of the group, the text "includes me" appears.

  3. Tap the ... icon next to the group name.

  4. Tap the Call icon that appears.

    The call icon appears only for groups, not departments. Groups are indicated with a G in their icon:

    Departments are indicated with a D in their icon:

When you are calling a group, the recipients see your name and the name of the group that you are calling. This ensures that they know that this is a group call.