Creating a Reminder

You can use the Genie to create a voicemail reminder for yourself that is to appear on your Home screen at a time that you specify.

  1. In the Home screen (or in any screen that displays it), tap the Vocera icon.

    The Vocera Genie screen appears.

  2. When the Genie says "Vocera", say "Record a reminder."
  3. The Genie then asks you when you want your reminder to appear. You can respond with a time relative to the current time, such as "In ten minutes", or a specific time, such as "1:30 pm today".
  4. When the Genie asks you to confirm the time at which you want your reminder to appear, say "Yes" or tap Yes.
  5. Record your reminder. When you are finished, tap Done.
  6. When the Genie asks you to confirm that you want to send a reminder, say "Yes" or tap Yes.
  7. At the specified time, your reminder appears on the Home screen as a conversation.

    Tap the reminder to display the My Reminders screen, which contains a link to the voicemail that you recorded.

    Note: This screen also contains any other voicemail messages that you have sent to yourself.
  8. Tap New Voicemail to play your reminder.
Note: The My Reminders screen is formatted to look like a conversation, but you cannot add a message to it.