Cellular Network Access

If your administrator has configured a Vocera Access Anywhere (VAA) number for your system, you can access the Vocera Genie, make calls or urgent calls to users in the directory, or check your voicemail.

Several Vocera voice commands are not supported when you are connected over the cellular network. If you try to use any of the following unsupported commands, the Genie will respond, “I'm sorry. The command is not available from a phone.”

Category Command
Log in and out

Log me in as John Smith

Log me out


Record my voiceprint

Erase my voiceprint

Locate Users and Groups

Where am I?

Where is the nearest member of Tech Support?

Where is the closest member of Tech Support?

Locate nearest member of Tech Support?

Locate closest member of Tech Support?

Assign Access Points to Locations

Begin tour

End tour

Assign location


Turn Auto Answer on

Turn Auto Answer off

Turn Announce Through Speaker on

Turn Announce Through Speaker off