Calling From a Group Chat

If you are in a group chat, you can call one or more other people who are in the group chat with you.

  1. In your group chat, tap the Call icon.

  2. If your group chat has only one active participant, this person is called directly.
  3. If your group chat contains two or more active participants, a screen appears that lists these active participants:

    If your group chat has a patient context, the screen color indicates this:

  4. To select a participant to call, tap the call icon next to the participant's name:

  5. Your screen indicates that you are calling your selected recipient.

If the person you are calling is already on a call, a tone will notify him or her that someone else is trying to call.

Note: If you are in a call, you may receive a second call from another user. See Answering a Call for details.

If the user that you are trying to call has made himself or herself unavailable, the call icon on this screen is red.

You can tap this icon to make an urgent call to this user if the group to which you belong has been granted permission to make urgent calls.

If you answer a cellular call on your device, your Vocera call is disconnected. This includes any call that is on hold.

Note: If you receive a cellular call on your device, and the Accept and Hold and Accept and End buttons are presented as options, selecting either button disconnects the Vocera call. A Vocera call cannot be put on hold for a cellular call.