Forwarding Your Calls

You can specify where your calls are to be forwarded while you are unavailable, such as to a nearby desk phone or to someone else in your department.

  1. On the Home screen, tap the availability icon (the green dot) at the top right. A screen appears that lists the presence and availability options.

  2. Turn on Forwarding. The current forwarding setting appears.

  3. Tap the current forwarding setting to display the list of forwarding options.

  4. Select one of the following, if available.
    • Select Company Voicemail to forward your calls to your company's voicemail.

    • Select User or Group to forward your calls to another user or group. When you select this option, a screen appears that enables you to select the user or group to forward to.

      When you have selected a user or group, your choice appears in the User or Group option.

    • Select Other to specify a phone number to which your calls are to be forwarded. On the screen that appears, type the number or select the number from your contacts list.

  5. Tap Done to start call forwarding.

When you have turned call forwarding on, the availability icon at the top right of the screen is updated to include an arrow. This reminds you that you are forwarding your calls.

To start receiving your calls again, return to the presence and availability screen and turn off Forwarding.