Joining a Broadcast

If your administrator has added you to a broadcast group, and a member of the group has initiated a broadcast, your device automatically joins the broadcast.

The broadcast screen appears, indicating that the broadcast has started.

  1. To request to speak in the broadcast, tap Push To Talk. The screen indicates whether it is OK to talk or whether the line is busy.
  2. If it is OK to talk, begin speaking. Everyone in the broadcast group hears you immediately.
  3. When you are finished speaking, tap Push To Talk again. Everyone in the broadcast group hears a chirp, letting them know they can reply.
  4. To leave the broadcast, tap End Broadcast. If the broadcast originator and other users are still on the broadcast, it continues without you.
Note: If you join a broadcast when Vina is in the foreground and your screen is locked, the handset is displayed as the default audio channel. This is due to an issue in the iOS operating system.