Answering a Call

When someone calls your Vocera device, the screen displays the context of the call.

The information that is displayed depends on the type of call:

Here are some examples of how this context information may be useful:

Whenever you receive a call, you see the name and photograph of the caller. If the caller is calling a broadcast group, and you are receiving the call because you are a member of the group, the name of the group is displayed.

Tap Accept to answer the call, or Decline to decline it.

If you answer a cellular call on your device, your Vocera call is disconnected. This includes any call that is on hold.

Important: If your device is in silent mode, the Vocera Vina app is in the background, and your screen is locked, you will not hear a ringtone for an incoming call, even if the call is urgent.
Note: If you receive a cellular call on your device, and the Accept and Hold and Accept and End buttons are presented as options, selecting either button disconnects the Vocera call. A Vocera call cannot be put on hold for a cellular call.
Note: If you have locked your device screen and you answer a call, and then you attempt to add a second call while still in the first call, you are presented with the device's contact list instead of the users from Vocera Vina.