Finding out Who Called

You can use voice commands to check who called when you were off network, logged out, or on another call.

When you use the Who Called commands, Genie announces the name or phone number of the person who called, and the time and date of the message. If a name is not associated with the phone number of the incoming call, the phone number is announced. If both the name and phone number are known in the system, the name is announced. If the call was made to a group, Genie announces the names of the group and the person who is placing the call. Message histories are stored for the current and previous work days.

Action Recommended Voice Commands Alternative Forms
Find out who called or left a message while you were unavailable Who called? Who called me?
Find out who called or left a message on the current work day. Who called today? Who called me today?
Find out who called or left a message the day before. Who called yesterday? Who called me yesterday?