About the Call Log

The call log is a list of all voice messages and calls that you have sent and received.

To view the call log, tap Call Log in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. This accesses the Call module and displays the Call Log screen.

From the Call Log screen, you can place a call or communicate with anyone in the log.

Note: If your environment is not using the latest Vocera servers, the Voicemail tab is not available. You can access voicemail messages from the All tab.

In the call log, the following indicators are used:

Button Description
Missed Call
Voice Reminder
Panic Call
Instant Conference

If you have voicemail messages that you have not listened to yet, a count of the number of unheard voicemail messages is displayed on the Call Log icon at the bottom of the screen. Each voicemail message is displayed in its own entry in the call log.

When you log out and then log in again, the call log is preserved.