Using a Badge in Dual Mode

Dual Mode optionally allows you to use the Vocera Collaboration Suite for messaging while continuing to use a Vocera badge for hands-free communication.

Important: Dual Mode is not available for the Vocera Smartbadge.
  1. Log in to the badge.

    When you log in, you will notice the following:

    • The badge warns you that you are already logged in, since you are using the Vocera Collaboration Suite on your device. If you are asked whether you still want to log in to the badge, say "Yes".

    • Your Vocera Collaboration Suite app also warns you that you have been logged into another device and that it is logging you out. This warning only applies to the Call functionality. You are still logged into the Vocera Collaboration Suite app and can send and reply to messages and initiate Calls from the Contacts list.

  2. Use the Vocera badge as needed to send and receive Vocera calls, broadcasts, and messages.
    • You can still use the Vocera Collaboration Suite to participate in message conversations.

    • All messages are sent to your badge and are delivered to your Vocera Collaboration Suite app's Inbox with a single notification tone. You can respond to a message from the app if you prefer.

    • When you are using a badge in Dual Mode, if you initiate a Call from the app from your Contacts list, it is connected through your badge instead of the app.

  3. When you are finished with the badge, log off from it. Calls and messages are now received on the app.
Note: When you log out of the Vocera Collaboration Suite app while in Dual Mode, your Vocera administrator can specify whether you are also logged out of the badge. The VCS logout in dual mode also causes a badge logout configuration option in the VMP Administrator controls this behavior.

When you are in Dual Mode and you access the Call module from the Vocera Collaboration Suite, a message is displayed on the Call module screen that indicates that an alternate Vocera device is in use for Calls and Messages.

If you tap the Call button on the app when in Dual Mode, you are logged out of the badge.