Audio Mode

By default, the Vocera Collaboration Suite uses handset mode when you tap the Call button to speak with the Genie or when you are on a Vocera call. However, you can switch to using the speaker or Bluetooth if you prefer.

Tap any of the following to change the communication method:

Table 1. Communication Methods
Method Description
or Use the handset (default). If you are using wired headphones with your device, the headphones icon appears in place of the handset icon.
Use your device's speaker.
Use Bluetooth. This icon is enabled only when Bluetooth is available on your device.

The communication method currently in use is indicated with a green background.

When you place a call, the default setting is the highest priority audio mode available, which is one of the following (highest priority listed first):

If you use your device's speaker to make a call, and then you make a subsequent call, the audio mode reverts to the default setting as shown above. You must reselect speaker mode to use it again.

Note: Vocera Collaboration Suite can detect whether you are holding your device to your ear while making a call. When you are holding your device next to your ear, the screen is locked to ensure that you do not accidentally press any buttons while on a call, and the notification tone for Alerts is made quieter. The screen becomes enabled again when you move your device away from your ear.