About Paging

If the Vocera Telephony Solution Software is installed on your system, you can use a voice command to send a numeric page. Vocera sends the recipient's pager a call-back number that allows that person to return a call directly to your Vocera device.

You can send a page to anyone in the Vocera system by using his or her name. For example, if Dr. Randolph is a contact, you can speak the command "Page Dr. Randolph" to send a numeric page.

Additional voice commands let you use a Vocera device to send a numeric page to any arbitrary number. If you dial full 7- or 10-digit numbers to send a page in your environment, issue the command, "Page an outside number." When the Genie prompts you for the number of the pager, say the area code and the phone number, even when calling a local number. If the area code matches your local area code or a toll-free area code set up by your system administrator, the call will be considered local.

Some environments provide a paging service that allows employees to send internal pages using only a few digits, similar to the way they call internal extensions. Vocera lets you send pages to these numbers directly. For example, to send a page to the internal number 3964, you speak the command "Page number 3964."