Searching the Contacts Screen

If the contact that you want to find is an individual or group, you can search for the contact.

  1. In the Contacts screen, use the toggle switch at the top left of the screen to select Contacts.
    Or, if you have created a list of Favorites, select Favorites to search in this list. See Adding a Favorite for more information on Favorites.
  2. In the Search field, type the first few characters of the contact's name. Each character you type performs an incremental search displaying a list of closest matching contacts.
    Note: You cannot search for the Vocera Genie contact.

    If you are searching in the Favorites list, and additional matches can be found in your complete list of Contacts, a count of the number of Contacts matches is displayed. Tap this display to go to the Contacts tab and view the list of matches.

    Note: To hide the keyboard when viewing the list of search results, tap the Search button on the keyboard or scroll the list.