Making a Call

From the Call module, you can make a Vocera call using the Genie.

  1. In the Call Log screen, tap Call.

    The Call screen appears.

    Note: You can also access the Call screen by tapping the Vocera Genie contact in the Contacts list. See Contacts for more details.
  2. From the Call screen, tap Call and wait for the Genie to answer.
  3. Tell the Genie to "Call User's Name."
  4. When the call is answered, the Call in Progress screen appears.

If the person you are calling is already on a call, a tone will notify him or her that someone else is trying to call.

When you call a user who is not available, the call may be forwarded to another user or phone number. If no forwarding is set, the Genie tells you that person's status and asks if you want to leave a message.