Handling an Alarm

If you have received a notification from an alarm generated by a third-party system, and this alarm contains patient information, you can respond to the alarm, view the information for the patient, and contact the care team assigned to the patient.

Note: See Real-time Situational Awareness for an explanation of how adapters can be integrated with your VCS app to generate these alarm notifications.
  1. In the Secure Messages screen, tap on the notification to view it. If necessary, scroll the screen to view the details of the alarm.

    If the alarm has a priority of High or Urgent, an icon appears next to the Subject line.

  2. In the Tap To Send Response section of the notification, tap one of the responses that are available to you.
  3. If a patient link has been provided, tap it to display patient information and contact the care team. See Viewing Patient Information and Contacting the Care Team for more details.
  4. If a waveform is available, tap the View Alarm Waveform link to view it.
    Note: The waveform shown is the waveform that was generated at the time of the patient alarm.

    Tap the Back link at the top of the waveform to return to the patient information screen.

    The View Alarm Waveform link is available only when waveform access is installed and permission has been granted to view the waveform.

  5. If a Call Back link is provided, tap it to call the person who generated the notification.
  6. Tap the Back link to return to the notification.