The Secure Messages Screen

The Secure Messages screen lists all of the notifications sent to you and all of the conversations that you have participated in.

This screen appears when you log into or start up the Vocera Collaboration Suite. From this screen, you can access your user profile, compose a new message, search your messages, or use the navigation bar to access other Vocera Collaboration Suite screens.

To access the Secure Messages screen from another screen, tap Secure Messages in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

Here is the layout of the Secure Messages screen:

The following list describes the layout of the Secure Messages screen:

Your profile picture. Tap this photo to display your user profile. From the user profile, you can set Do Not Disturb settings, edit your profile picture, change your profile options, or log out from a shared device.

The colored ring around your photo indicates your current status. Green indicates that you are available, and orange indicates that you have set Do Not Disturb.

If you do not have a profile picture, your initials are displayed.

Tap this icon to compose a new message.

Tap this icon to display the Filters dropdown list. From this dropdown list, you can specify that notifications, conversations, or both are to be displayed in this screen. You can also specify that only unread messages or messages to which you have not responded are to be displayed.

Use the search field to display only notifications and conversations that match the specified search criterion.

Tap a message to display its details. The icon or icons at the left of the message indicate the type of the message and provide information about it:
This message is a notification.
This message is a conversation.
This message is a group conversation.
! This message is of High or Urgent priority.
The Notify Me option has been set for this message, and a response has not been received. See Requesting a Response for more details.

A message with a green background is not yet read.

From the navigation bar, you can access other Vocera Collaboration Suite screens. If you have received unread messages while in another Call or conversation, a count of the unread messages is displayed in the Secure Messages icon:

Note: If you have reached the Vocera Collaboration Suite from another application, a banner is displayed above the navigation bar. Tap this banner to return to that application.