Responding to a Message

In the Secure Messages screen, you can respond to a message that has been sent to you or continue a conversation that you are having.

To respond to a message:

  1. In the Secure Messages screen, tap on the message or conversation to which you want to respond.

    Each participant's availability is indicated by a colored ring around the participant's picture. Green indicates that the participant is available to continue the conversation:

    A red ring indicates that the participant is not available, and an orange ring indicates that the participant is now in Do Not Disturb mode. (See Do Not Disturb for more information on Do Not Disturb.)

  2. If you have received a message that requires a response, a list of the response options is provided for you:
    Note: If the response has an expiration time, it is displayed below the list of response options.
    1. Tap a response option to select it:
    2. Tap the response option again to send it.
  3. If the message does not require a response, and you want to continue the conversation, type your text in the text box and tap Send.
    When you are sending a message using the text box, you can set a message priority, attach a photo, or require a response. For details on how to use any of these advanced options, see Sending a Message.
  4. Tap on the profile picture of any person in the conversation to display their contact details. This enables you to initiate a call or send a secure message to this contact. See Contact Details for more information.