Forwarding Messages

You can specify that all messages that are sent to you are to be forwarded to another contact.

  1. Tap your profile picture to display the user profile.
    Note: If you do not have a profile picture, tap your initials.

    The User Profile screen appears.

  2. Select Forwarding to enable message forwarding.

    A screen appears that lists the contacts to which you can forward messages.

    This screen is similar to the Contacts screen. As in the Contacts screen, a toggle switch enables you to select whether to choose from your Favorites list or from a list of all Contacts.

  3. Tap the contact that you want to forward your messages to. The User Profile screen reappears, displaying the contact to which you are forwarding messages.
  4. Tap this contact name to redisplay the list of contacts to which you can forward messages. Tap a different contact to forward your messages to this contact.
  5. To remove message forwarding, in the User Profile screen, unselect Forwarding.

To list the contacts that are forwarding messages to you, tap Forwarding to me. If a contact updates their message forwarding to forward messages to you while you are logged in, you are notified that this has happened.

Note: If multiple members of a Vocera Voice Server group are forwarding messages to you, and a message is sent to the group, you may receive more than one copy of the message.