Log In and Log Out

If your device is a shared device, you must log in to access the Vocera Collaboration Suite. You can log out when you are no longer using it.

If your device has been configured as a personal device, you do not need to log in to access the Vocera Collaboration Suite unless you have logged out. If you have logged out, you can log back in using the instructions provided here.

Note: If your account has been linked to the Vocera Secure Texting application, you cannot use the Vocera Collaboration Suite application. Contact your Vocera administrator if you require additional information.

When you log in, the Secure Messaging screen is displayed. This enables you to quickly access messages in case of emergency. For more details on the Secure Messaging screen, see Secure Messages.

If you exit from the Vocera Collaboration Suite, you remain logged in when you launch the Vocera Collaboration Suite again. You can log into the system on only one Vocera device at a time. If you log into a second device, the first device provides an audio notification that warns you that you have been logged out of that device.

Note: If you turn off a shared device, your Vocera administrator may have configured your system to automatically log you off after a specified period of time.