Leaving a Voice Message

If you call a Vocera user who is unavailable, you can leave a voice message that the user can play later.

Note: If you have been sent a voice message, and you have not read it, the Call icon on the Menu screen displays the number of unread voice messages.
  1. When the Genie prompts whether to leave a message, answer “Yes.”
  2. The Genie says, “Speak at the tone. When done, press the Call button.”

    After the tone, say the message. When you are finished, do not tap End. Tap the Callbutton.

    Important: If you tap End instead of tapping Call, the message will not be sent.
  3. The Genie prompts whether to send the message. Answer “Yes.” (or tap Call again).
    The Genie sends the voice message and then disconnects the call.

You can also leave a voice message using the Genie command Record a voice message.