Using Instant Conferences

In Vocera Collaboration Suite, a conference is a special device state that lets you speak with multiple members of a team. This gives your phone push-to-talk quickness and the convenience of a walkie-talkie.

  1. On the Call screen, tap Special Actions.
  2. Tap Instant Conference.
    • If it is OK to talk, the Push to Talk button turns green:

    • If someone else is broadcasting, the screen indicates that the line is busy. When the line becomes free, tap Push to Talk to gain access to it.

  3. When you have gained access, begin talking. Everyone in the conference hears you.
  4. When you are finished talking, tap the Push to Talk button. Everyone in the conference hears a chirp, letting them know they can now reply.
  5. To end the call, tap End Call. The conference broadcast is still active for other members. If the conference is silent for 10 seconds, the broadcast session ends automatically.
Note: Another way to start an instant conference is to press and hold the Call button.
Note: See Cellular Calls and VCS for information on what happens if you are in a cellular call and you are invited to join an instant conference.