The Contacts Screen

The Contacts screen lists all of the users and groups with which you can communicate.

To access the Contacts screen, tap Contacts in the navigation bar. This diagram shows the layout of the Contacts screen:

Your profile picture. Tap this photo to display your user profile. From the user profile, you can set Do Not Disturb settings, edit your profile picture, change your profile options, or log out from a shared device.

The colored ring around your photo indicates your current status. Green indicates that you are available, and orange indicates that you have set Do Not Disturb.

If you do not have a profile picture, your initials are displayed.

The Sites button. For more information on sites, see Displaying Contacts In Sites.
A toggle switch that controls what contacts are to be displayed. The following view options are available:

The Favorites list. This provides quick access to the users that you most frequently communicate with.

For details on how to create Favorites, see Adding a Favorite.

Contacts All Vocera contacts.
The Search field. Use this field to search for contacts that match the text that you type. See Contact Searching.

The list of contacts currently being displayed. This list is affected by any search text that you have typed.

For each contact, the contact's name is displayed. On the line below the contact name, the site for this contact is provided, enclosed in square brackets. If a job title has been defined for this contact, it is displayed after the site.

When you are viewing the Favorites list, the colored ring around each profile picture indicates the current status of the contact:

  • Green: available
  • Orange: the contact has set Do Not Disturb for voice, text, or both
  • Red: not available

For Favorites, details on the contact's current status are provided below the site and title for the contact. These include the following:

  • The contact's availability status, corresponding to the colored ring around the user's photo or initials. This is one of Available, Do Not Disturb, or Not Available. For Do Not Disturb, the current status indicates whether calls, messages, or both or are not being let through.
  • Messages Forwarding indicates that messages to this contact are being forwarded to another contact.
  • Off Campus indicates that the contact is available but is not on the corporate network. An example of this is when the contact is logged into the VMP Web Console.

From the navigation bar, you can access other Vocera Collaboration Suite screens. If you have received unread messages while in another Call or conversation, a count of the unread messages is displayed in the Secure Messages icon: