Calling a Voice Group

You can call or broadcast to any of the Voice Groups that have been set up in your Vocera system.

When you call a Voice Group, you are actually calling an available member of that group, not everyone in it. The Vocera system determines which member to try first, based on the ordering method the system administrator or group manager chooses.

If no one in the Voice Group is available, you will either be prompted to leave a message (which will be sent to all members of the group or list) or your call will be forwarded, depending on the way the system administrator has set up the group or list.

  1. In the Contacts screen, in the Search field, type the first few characters of the contact that you want to call.

    A list of the closest matching contacts is displayed.

  2. Tap the name of the group. The Contact Details screen appears, which lists the contact methods available for that group.
  3. Tap Call to call the group.
Note: You can also call a Voice Group from the Genie. For example, to call a member of the Tech Support group, say "Call Tech Support". For more information on using the Genie, see Accessing the Genie.