Broadcasting Using the Genie

You can use the Genie to make a broadcast or an urgent broadcast to a Voice Group.

The following table lists the commands that you can use.

Action Recommended Voice Commands
Initiate a broadcast to a group Broadcast to Four West Nurse.
Issue an urgent broadcast Urgently broadcast to Managers. (Requires permission from your system administrator.)
Cancel a broadcast Tap End while listening to the broadcast.
Reply to everyone See instructions below.
  1. Tap Push to Talk before the broadcast ends.
    • The screen indicates that you are requesting the line:

    • If it is OK to talk, the Push to Talk button reappears and turns green:

    • If someone else is broadcasting, the screen indicates that the line is busy.

  2. Begin speaking.
    Everyone in the broadcast group hears you immediately.
  3. When finished, press the Push to Talk button.
    Everyone in the broadcast group hears a chirp, letting them know they can now reply.

For more details on using the Genie, see Accessing the Genie.