Starting a Broadcast

The broadcast feature lets you quickly make an announcement to an entire Voice Group.

Broadcasting simultaneously contacts everyone in a group who is online and available. A broadcast is not recorded for members who are offline or unavailable.

To make a broadcast to a group, the system administrator must have granted you broadcast permission for that group.

  1. In the Contacts screen, in the Search field, type the first few characters of the Voice Group that you want to broadcast to. A list of the closest matching contacts is displayed.
  2. Tap the name of the group. The Contact Details screen appears, which lists the contact methods available for that group.
  3. Tap More to display additional connection options.
  4. Tap Broadcast. The screen indicates that the broadcast is in progress.
Note: You cannot initiate a normal broadcast to a group that is already receiving one. However, if you initiate an urgent broadcast, it will break into a normal broadcast currently in progress.
Note: See Cellular Calls and VCS for information on what happens if you are in a cellular call and you are invited to join a broadcast.