About the Call Screen

The Call screen enables you to use the Genie to call other VCS users, make calls using a numeric keypad, and initiate panic calls or instant conferences.

The Call screen appears.

The Call screen contains the following buttons:

Button Description

The Call button. Use this button to communicate with the Genie.

Access the numeric dialpadkeypad.
Special Actions Display the special calling actions available from the Call screen:
  • Make a panic call.
  • Start or join an instant conference.
Note: You can use the Call screen only if the Vocera administrator has installed the Vocera Voice Server on your network. If the Vocera Voice Server is not installed, your Vocera system does not have Voice capability, and the Call button is inaccessible.

If the background for the Call screen is orange, you have activated the Do not Disturb - Voice setting. If you make a call when Do not Disturb - Voice is on, this setting is turned off. See Do Not Disturb for more information on the Do Not Disturb features in the Vocera Collaboration Suite.