Using Instant Conferences

You can use voice commands that help you use instant conferences.

Action Recommended Commands
Join a conference Join the conference for Managers. *
Leave a conference Leave the conference for Cashiers. *
Start conferencing or reply (when you are in a conference)
  1. On the Call screen, touch and hold Call.
    • If it is OK to talk, you hear a beep and the Push To Talk button is enabled. Other users also hear a beep to indicate that an instant conference is starting.

    • If somebody else in the conference has already started to speak, you hear a chirp.

  2. Begin speaking. Everyone in the conference hears you immediately.
  3. When you are finished talking, tap Push To Talk to disable it. Everyone in the conference hears a chirp, letting them know they can now reply.

  4. To end the call, tap End Call. The conference broadcast is still active for other members. If the conference is silent for 10 seconds, the broadcast session ends automatically.
Find out what conference you are in What conference am I in?
Find out who is in your conference Who is in my conference?
Find out who is in any conference Who is in the conference for Intensive Care?

* = requires permission or telephony integration