Group Names and Greetings

Learn the available group commands.

The Genie speaks the name of a group or one of its alternate names in the following situations:

To ensure more natural sounding speech, you should record names for the Genie to use. If you do not record names, the Genie attempts to pronounce them by converting the spelling of the group names to spoken words.

To record group names, press the Call button, wait for the Genie to answer, and say “Record names for group name.” The Genie walks you through the steps for recording the group name and its alternates.

Similarly, the Genie speaks a greeting when someone calls the group and no members can accept the call. This greeting can let callers know that they have reached the proper group or give them further information. If a greeting is available, the Genie plays it before automatically asking callers if they want to leave a message. Vocera sends messages left for a group to every member in the group.

For example, a retail store could record a greeting that says, “Thank you for calling Hardware Supplies. Our team members are busy assisting customers right now, but if you leave a message, one of us will call you back as soon as possible.”

Greetings can help all callers, but they are especially useful when people who are not Vocera users call into the system with a telephone. These callers may not be familiar with Vocera, and a greeting helps to “break the ice”.

Action Recommended Commands (Italics indicate an example) Alternative Forms
Record name prompts for a group Record names for Technical Support. Record name prompts for Technical Support.
Record a greeting for a group Record greeting for Technical Support.