Vocera XMPP Adapter

The Vocera XMPP Adapter manages stored data in Vocera Platform datasets to represent conversations and resources. Using these datasets, conditions and rules are configured to interact with other endpoints that are not XMPP-enabled. Vocera XMPP Adapter rules on a dataset are configured to send conversation, message, and presence information to the Vocera XMPP Adapter when this information is created by an external resource. Please review the Port Installation Guide prior to installing the adapter.

Supported Platform Versions

Adapter Functionality Adapter Version Engage Platform Vocera Platform
Vocera XMPP Adapter Enables XMPP communication between Vocera users using XMPP clients by acting as the XMPP server for its configured domain. 4.4.0   6.4.0 and higher
4.3.1   6.3.3
4.3.0   6.3.0
4.1.0   6.2.0
4.0.0   6.1.0
3.4.2 5.5.4  

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