Vocera Analytics Adapter

The Vocera Analytics Adapter provides a client with the flexibility to have data elements pushed to their own database. The data push is on demand and based on a rule, and the adapter is designed to perform only 'INSERT' statements. Once the conditions of the rule are met, the data is routed to the Vocera Data Export Adapter Bundle and, if possible, delivered to the client database. If the data cannot be immediately delivered, then it is stored in a persistent queue until it can be routed back to the Vocera Data Export Adapter Bundle for delivery, or is discarded as undeliverable. Audit log entries will report the state of the data delivery. Please review the Port Installation Guide prior to installing this adapter.

Supported Platform Versions

Adapter Functionality Adapter Version Engage Platform Vocera Platform
Vocera Analytics Adapter

Facilitates the ability for a client to capture and store data points from the Vocera Platform appliance on demand through the use of dataset subscriptions.

1.0.0   6.3.4 and higher

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