Vocera LDAP Adapter

Vocera Platform provides the ability to connect to a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server, allowing users to authenticate with the same set of credentials they use elsewhere in their organization. The Vocera LDAP Adapter configuration settings allow facility administrators to use the organization's existing security configurations, rather than create unique users, groups, or security policies to access the Vocera Platform. Vocera Platform allows connection to only one LDAP server per organization. Please review the Port Installation Guide prior to installing the adapter.

Supported Platform Versions

Adapter Functionality Adapter Version Engage Platform Vocera Platform
Vocera LDAP Adapter The Vocera LDAP Adapter is designed to connect Vocera Platform to one LDAP server per organization. 3.2.0   6.4.0 and higher
3.1.1   6.3.3
3.1.0   6.3.0
3.0.0   6.2.0
2.0.0   6.1.0
1.3.0 5.5.4  

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