Vocera Ascom Adapter

Adapters send information to and receive information from the Vocera Platform, as well as monitor and collect data. Each adapter is configured to allow the Vocera Platform to communicate with a specific type of resource and any devices that resource may control. The Ascom adapter is used to send messages to Ascom supported devices. Please review the Port Installation Guide prior to installing this adapter.

Supported Platform Versions

Adapter Functionality Adapter Version Engage Platform Vocera Platform
Vocera Ascom Adapter The Vocera Ascom Adapter is designed for the Ascom Unite Connectivity Manager (UCM) version 3.00-A. This integration supports Ascom d62, i62, and i75 phones. 1.9.0   6.3.0 and higher
1.8.0   6.1.0
1.7.118 5.5.4 NA

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