Connecting a Bluetooth Device

Pairing your Bluetooth device on a single Smartbadge, saves the Bluetooth device Profile on the Vocera Server and automatically sent to every badge you log-on.

Discovering Bluetooth Device

The Bluetooth application searches for the headsets automatically if no pairing information is available until the user selects a headset to pair or the user navigates away from the Bluetooth menu.
Note: While searching for the device, if the screen is turned off on expiry of touch inactivity timer, the search continues in the background until the scan stops the event mentioned earlier occurs.
The scanning process is restarted every 8 seconds.

The following screen is displayed

Pairing a Bluetooth Device

Selected the device you want to pair to begin the pairing process. The pairing process may take a few seconds to complete. After pairing the following screen is displayed:

After connection with the paired device, the following updated are visible:
  • The Bluetooth status bar is updated.
  • The paired device is listed under My devices
  • The audio routing path is updated in the status bar.
  • The Discovered Devices section is cleared.
Note: The pairing information of one headset is stored at a time. So, the currently paired device needs to be removed to start a new search for a new headset.