Bluetooth Support

This section helps you configure, manage, and use a Bluetooth device with your Vocera badge.

Vocera badge firmware provides support for pairing your Bluetooth headset with a Vocera Badge. After you pair your headset with any badge, the pairing information is saved on the Vocera Server, and you do not have to pair your headset again when you change badges.

In other words, you can use a new Vocera badge without enabling Bluetooth and pair your headset again. Once the device is paired; every time you log-in into a Vocera badge and connect your Bluetooth headset, the information travels with you.

For optimal use in a wireless environment, Vocera recommends that you set B3000n badges to 5GHz radio frequency. By adjusting the spectrum to 5GHz, you can avoid the congestion and interference that can occur at lower frequencies such as 2.4GHz which is the standard range for wi-fi and Bluetooth.

Note: The 5GHz radio frequency is only available on B3000n badges. However, your wireless environment can include badges utilizing 5GHz and 2.4GHz.