Viewing Alarms

The View Alarms screen provides the tools necessary to trace the history of a particular alarm.

Choosing any particular alarm provides time-stamped details of every step of the alarm delivery and escalation process.

To view the list of alarms, click Assignment. From the Staff Assignment screen, click View Alarms.

The alarms are listed based on alarm IDs. You can use the alarm ID to track the alarms generated using the log files.

To view the detailed status of an alarm, select an alarm and click View Details.

In the View Alarms List screen, click Advanced Search to specify a time period and search criteria for the alarms to be displayed.

In the Advanced Search screen, based on the Site and specified time period, the Alarm Reasons and Recipients will be displayed by default.

Note: If the value selected in the Site field is ALL, all units are automatically selected and the Unit field is disabled by default. If a specific site is selected, then the Unit field gets enabled. Bed name will be displayed only if a specific site and a specific unit is selected.

Click View to display your search in the View Alarms screen. When you have finished with your search results, click Live to return to displaying alarms as they come in.