Account Settings - Miscellaneous

The Miscellaneous section specifies useful settings that do not belong in any of the other sections.

Setting Description

Analytics Settings

If you change any of these settings, all Vocera Clinical Analytics dependent services must be restarted.

Listener IP The IP address of the Vocera Clinical Analytics server.
Listener Port The port used by the Vocera Clinical Analytics server.
Hospital ID The unique identifier for a specific hospital.
Send Analytics Data Whether to send analytics data information.
Handheld Settings
Handheld Client Type The type of handheld client in use. This is one of Phone, Badge, or Mixed.
Log Upload Interval The amount of time between server log uploads.
Forward Request Timeout The amount of time before a forward request expires.

Archive Settings

Archive Path The path specification for the folder in which archive data is to be stored.
Archive Days The number of days before archive data expires.
Archive Cycle Cron Expression The time specification for the cron job that schedules the archive data.

Clean Up Service Settings

CleanUp Directory Path The path specification for the logs.
CleanUp Search Pattern The regular expression search pattern to use for cleanup.
Delete Select this checkbox to delete the logs.
Archive Select this checkbox to archive the logs. This overrides the Delete setting.
Archive Directory Path The path specification for the archive directory.
File Cleanup Age The number of days that a file ages before it is cleaned up.