High Availability

When either active server goes down, the load balancer diverts the load to the other active server.

For example, if active server A goes down, and traffic from ports 3101 through 3105 had been directed to this server, the load balancer redirects this traffic to active server B.

Here is a sample high availability environment that uses multiple ports:

In order to divide the input traffic equally between servers, it is very important to configure the load balancer correctly.

For example, if ports 3400 and 3500 are in use, and you want to send traffic from port 3400 to active server A and traffic from port 3500 to active server B, the binding should be as shown below:

In the first image, the binding is first to the server at, then to the server at In the second image, the binding is to and then to

Note: The examples shown here are from Citrix NetScaler, with which CWE has been tested. For more information on Citrix NetScaler, see this site: https://www.citrix.com/products/netscaler-application-delivery-controller/overview.html.