Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine Overview

The Vocera Clinical Workflow Engine integration capability enables the CWE server to capture and send the alarms generated by a nurse call system or by patient monitors.

As shown in the architecture diagram below, the nurse call connector captures the TAP messages (alarms) generated from the nurse call system, and a Mirth Connect server captures the HL7 messages generated by the patient monitors.

The nurse call connector and the Mirth server transform messages to a file in a JSON format that is understood by the CWE system. CWE then parses the alarm, feeds it into a database, and sends a notification to the user assigned to the respective beds or rooms. The CWE server then decides whether or not to escalate the alarm, based on the online status and the response.

The CWE server uses a Vocera Voice Server long connection to obtain the notification status, as shown below.