Installing Mirth Connect

Follow these steps to install Mirth Connect.

Vocera requires Mirth Connect version 2.1.1. This version of Mirth Connect is available from the Mirth Connect archived downloads page.

  1. Launch the installer as the Administrator.
  2. Click Next to start the installation.
  3. Click Next to accept the license agreement.
  4. Type or browse for the destination directory. The default is C:\Program Files\Mirth Connect.
  5. Select Mirth Connect Server Manager and Mirth Connect CLI. Mirth Connect Server is selected by default. These are the default Mirth Connect components. Click Next.
  6. Select Create a Start Menu folder. Click Next.
  7. Specify the port configuration as shown below. These are the default port numbers for the Mirth Connect services. Click Next.
  8. Specify the password security requirements to conform to your password policy. Click Next.
  9. Use the default Application Data and Logs folders. Click Next.
  10. Select Install service to install the Mirth Connect service on your Windows environment. Click Next.
  11. Wait while the installer finishes adding the necessary files.
  12. Click Finish to start the Mirth Connect server.

The Mirth Connect Server Manager icon now appears in the system tray.